Adam Gibbons

adam gibbons, web developer


I'm a full-stack software engineer and web designer living in Boulder, Colorado. In 2012 I went through the TechStars NYC program with Moveline, and I now work at OneMove, building a web platform to connect different parts of the moving industry (much of which still operates like the pre-Internet airline industry). I also do a bit of freelancing for companies who've been through the Techstars and 500 Startups accelerators. And, of course, I preserve a healthy chunk of time for all those great Colorado things - backpacking, roadbiking, skiing, etc.

If you're in the Boulder/Denver area, I'm always down for coffee, beer, hiking, or hacking - at intervals or simultaneously - so drop me a line!

Side projects by usefulness, descending sort

  • iCalendar (.ics) File Generator — A Javascript library that generates an iCalendar-compliant file.
  • River Gauge — An excuse to learn MapBox. Pulls real-time surface water data from USGS measurement stations and overlays it on a map, centered on Boulder, Colorado. (I live in the flood zone and often hear the sirens go off, so it got me wondering)
  • American to British English Translator — An extraordinarily pointless Javascript library that prevents obscure communication breakdowns. (DEMO)
  • Angular Binary Clock — A slim Angular.js app that displays the current time in a slick format that nobody can read. (DEMO)
  • Project Euler — Solutions to Project Euler problems. I've used this problem set to learn some Ruby and Haskell.